the transfer of dolphins captured in Taiji
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The Petition

This young dolphin was violently ripped from the wild during the Taiji hunts and transported all the way to South Korea – where she died three days later.

Her death is a tragedy, but it could have been prevented.

CITES is the global body responsible for overseeing international dolphin transfers. It is meant to protect animals, but it allowed this beautiful dolphin to be shipped to her death.

Can you take action to stop this happening again? Add your name to the petition and demand CITES STOP the transfer of dolphins captured in Taiji.

This dolphin’s journey was traumatic. She lay in a pool of her own excrement in a tiny container for thirty long hoursalone in the dark. But it didn’t have to be that way.

CITES says its job is to ensure the international trade of wild animals ‘does not threaten their survival’. But they have been shown ample evidence proving the hunts are unsustainable.

Instead of protecting dolphins, CITES allows them to be legally exported – based on Japan’s assurance the wild captures won’t endanger wild populations.

But scientists and global conservation bodies, including the International Whaling Commission, have long warned the wild captures in Japan are so damaging, some populations are in danger of extinction.

Instead of choosing to act, CITES turns a blind eye. Don’t let them get away with it.

Please sign and share the petition demanding CITES stop the global transfer of Taiji dolphins.

Watch this video to find out more
WARNING: you may find it distressing.
The Letter


Ms Ivonne Higuero, Secretary-General of CITES,


We formally request you take steps to halt the trade in live dolphins from Japan.

There is ample evidence demonstrating this trade has a detrimental impact upon wild dolphin populations, which has been provided to you by numerous conservation and animal welfare organisations.

This evidence demonstrates Japan is exploiting the CITES self-regulatory system, and not accurately determining non-detriment findings when issuing export permits for cetaceans.

The absence of both up-to-date information on the status of populations and a scientifically rigorous method for setting catch limits displays a lack of responsibility by the Japanese Government to ensure the sustainability of small cetacean populations in Japanese waters.

We respectfully request the CITES Secretariat and relevant committees challenge the legitimacy of Japan’s export permits of small cetaceans and take steps to halt the trade.


Tell CITES to STOP the transfer of dolphins captured in Taiji

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